How to add the dedicated Configuration Server in the Centralized Management Solution

I’ve been working lately on so many different presentations and issues, that I rarely have time to take a note to what I’ve wanted to write you about. Anyway, I managed to find some free time and a very interesting case to share Smile – how to add an instance, that is dedicated as Centralized Management Instance (Configuration Server) to the registered instances so this instance can actually be part of the entire CMS environment. The default state of SQL Server does not let you register an instance in the CMS if this very instance is the same as the Configuration one i.e. if I have an instance SQLINSTANCE3 on my server, that is dedicated as CMS – I cannot register it in the CMS itself:


The error itslef is: “You cannot add a shared registered server with the same name as the Configuration Server. (.Net SqlClient Data Provider)”

As I really do not have the opportunity to use another instance that is just dedicated for Configuration Server and the solution I am implementing is working only with CMS Groups for evaluating policies, I needed some option that I can include the CMS Instance in the CMS groups.

Well this turned out to be very easy Smile – just create an Alias in the SQL Server Configuration Manager that is pointing to the dedicated CMS instance and then register the Alias in the CMS. Yep…that easy!

Now I am able to evaluate policies on all of my instances without loosing the CMS Configuration Server, which also should be evaluated as it is a full-blown instance after all!

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