How to remove cell merging in row group in Reporting Services’ Matrix Component

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8 comments on “How to remove cell merging in row group in Reporting Services’ Matrix Component

  1. Ivan,
    I can’t tell you how much time this has saved, it has been the top of my list of annoying things I can’t fix for ages! It is so simple that I am kicking myself.

  2. Ivan –

    Fantastic! Probably a year or two ago I ran into this problem and didn’t figure it out… because of your blog this time it is solved in no time at all.

    Thanks a ton!!

  3. thank you worked for me too. just added to the grouping expression to include all similar columns and one unique column. Only had to do it on the parent row grouping.

  4. I’ve tried this method & it didn’t work. I’m using BIDS 2010 that came with Denali.

    I have 4 fields I need to concatenate but anything more than 2 fields in the grouping formula & I get an invalid definition error. Even using just 2 fields, it ignored it anyway and displayed merged cells with the wrong information. I started the matrix from scratch & got the invalid definition error again.

    Any ideas?

  5. Thank you for sharing this solution. I have a similar issue but, instead of merged rows, I’d like to overcome a similar problem with merged columns.
    The need to use a matrix is that the columns are dynamically generated based on the data set. Due to the indeterminate amount of columns I cannot set up the solution described in this post.
    I would be grateful if anyone has a similar issue that they’ve solved. A simple matrix property setting in SSRS would have been a no-brainer – but no such luck.

  6. This solution is great. But it works perfectly fine when you dont have Subtotal field on one of the Row Group columns, in your case Status or Vendor ID. Do you know if there is a way to remove merging for the Row Group which has subtotal field added in the report?

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